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Dinner Menu

Choice Mezzo Thai Feature Special

Specialized personal set dinner to suit your palate, let chef Jackie feature your dinner to make it easier for you.

Tapas Dinner are serve per person

~~~~~~~~~~~~ o ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hot Dish and Hot Deal

(Special of the Month)

Red Snapper with chili sauce

Steamed Halibut with Lemongrass and Lime sauce

~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Vegan and vegetarian assorted dinner plate 19.00 ~

Serve every 1st Tuesday of the Month

~ Bangkokian special set dinner* 25.00 ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Northeastern Thai cuisine / E-sarn cuisine 22.00 ~

Larb Tapas, Somtam, Kowniaw, Gai Tod, Pak Sot

Spicy Larb pork, fried chicken in garlic sauce, green Papaya salad, steamed sticky rice


~ Northern Thai cuisine 25.00 ~

Namprik Oong, Gin Ping, Geang Hangleh, Kowniaw Paksot

Pork chili dip, fresh vegetables, Chiangmai savory pork curry, Northern BBQ beef steamed sticky rice

~ Sukho Thai 25.00 ** ~

Stuffed Chicken wing. Hot and sour prawn soup

Pepper and garlic chicken, steamed vegetable in coconut cream sauce, roast duck curry

steamed fragrant Thai Mali rice

Coconut ice-cream or banana in coconut cream

~ Ayuttaya 35.00 *** ~ 

Mezzo Thai mixed appetizers with assorted sauces, Bangkok salad, hot and spicy beef salad with lemongrass green curry prawn, pepper and garlic chicken, crispy noodle side dish, beef with seasonal mixed vegetables

Pineapple fried rice and steamed rice

Coconut rice with mango**** or fruit plate

All Steaks are cooked when serve. Consuming raw food may cause food borne illness.

Our chef and cooks are specially trained in house by Jacqui Chaweewan Wright


* =           Minimum for 2 people

** =         Min for 2 and Max for 16 people

*** =        Min for 2 and Max for 24 people

****=       Off season, we serve egg custard